100 CHAMPs Classroom Management Signs

100 CHAMPs Classroom Management Signs
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Want a proven way to enhance your classroom management system without a bunch of mind-numbing “training?”  CHAMPs may be just what you’ve been looking for!

This set of classroom-ready signs spells out your behavioral expectations for each of your classroom activities, including small group work, study buddies, workshops, teacher-directed instruction, or virtually anything else that you undertake with your kids.

Simply display them on your classroom whiteboard, bulletin board, or anywhere else where they will be visible to your kids—then, briefly “go over” them the first time with each class.

68 of these signs are ready to go, straight out of the box.  The additional 32 are customizable.  As a result, you may type in your own specific expectations for each of the letters in the CHAMPs acronym.  Use the provided graphics or the framed blanks--either way, your kids will know exactly what you expect of them in each of your classroom activities.

Examples of the signs included are…


  • No Talking
  • Hold Questions until the End
  • 5 Clip Art Voice Levels
  • 5 Boxed Voice Levels
  • 2 Acronym Signs
  • 4 Customizable Signs


  • Raise Hand
  • Ask Neighbor for Help (Yes/No Signs)
  • Take a Number
  • Stand Up a Book
  • Ask 3 Before Me
  • 2 Acronym Signs
  • 5 Customizable Signs


  • Work on Assignments
  • Write in Journal
  • Read Silently
  • Write Silently
  • Complete Worksheets
  • Listen/Take Notes
  • 2 Acronym Signs
  • 7 Customizable Signs


  • Leave Seat/Ask Questions (Yes/No Signs)
  • Sharpen Pencil (Yes/No Signs)
  • Get Supplies (Yes/No Signs)
  • Restroom/Water Fountain ((Yes/No Signs)
  • 2 Acronym Signs
  • 2 Customizable Signs


  • Work with Teacher/Small Group
  • 3 Work with Teacher/Large Group Signs
  • Work with Partner (Yes/No Signs)
  • Work in Small Groups
  • Work Individually
  • Participate Discussion
  • Converse with Neighbor (Yes/No Signs)
  • 2 Acronym Signs
  • 9 Customizable Signs


  • Science Lab
  • Writers Workshop
  • Art Studio
  • Readers Workshop
  • Testing Session
  • Math Workshop
  • Project Presentations
  • History Workshop
  • Computer Lab
  • Geography Workshop
  • Media Center Visit
  • 2 Acronym Signs
  • 8 Customizable Signs

A clickable table of contents and thumbnail index are provided to make it easier to find just the right signs for each of your classroom activities.  Additionally, context-sensitive tool tips are included for the signs you’d like to customize yourself, making the customization process simple and straightforward. 

Compatible with both Windows and Mac.

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