CHAMPs Companion

CHAMPs Companion
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Runs on PCs, Laptops, Macs, MacBooks, and Chromebooks

CHAMPs Companion is a compelling and operative way to inaugurate an effective, proven, behavioral management system in the classroom—particularly in the middle of a school year.

This 18-20 minute animated video book introduces the CHAMPs Classroom Management System to students.  The video book uses examples drawn specifically from the 100 CHAMPs Classroom Signs collection; however, teachers using any other set of CHAMPs signs will find that this resource is just as useful.

The contents of the video book include…

  • 6 Content Chapters
  • 4 Quick Quizzes of 3 questions/answers each
  • 9 Online Review Activities
  • 1 20-Question Online Exit Test

The online review/practice activities are…

  • Connecting Up with CHAMPs
  • CHAMPs Jeopardy
  • Scrambuzzle CHAMPs
  • The Great CHAMPs Balloon Adventure
  • Who Wants to be a CHAMPs Gazillionaire?
  • 4 CHAMPs Flash Games

This video book is designed specifically to be presented on the classroom digital projector or SMART Board.  CHAMPs Companion is a streaming HTML5 application which will run on PCs, Laptops, Macs, MacBooks, and Chromebooks.

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