Cooperative Learning Packet

Cooperative Learning Packet
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Whether you’re a veteran teacher or a beginner, this packet is loaded with practical resources you can use straight out of the PDF’s!

This 33-page cooperative learning packet contains information on…

  • assessing students’ learning styles
  • cooperative grouping strategies
  • assigning individual group members’ tasks
  • setting up jigsaw activities

Reproducibles included here are…

  • Individual Learning Styles Summary Sheet
  • 2 Group Members Agreement Posters (1 full color, 1 black line master)
  • Members Tasks Tent Cards
  • Group Number Tent Cards
  • Cooperative Learning Rubric
  • Cooperative Learning Self Evaluation Form
  • Quick Peer Evaluation Form
  • Detailed Peer Evaluation Form
  • Group Self Evaluation Checklist
  • Progress Assessment Checklist

Bonus Feature included:   5 Interactive Jigsaw Generators

With these handy planning tools (one for each subject area), quickly plot out jigsaw activities for all of your classes.  Then, copy and paste them into your lesson plans, save them for reference, or print them for your records. 

5 Jigsaw Generators (one for each subject area), are inc1uded.  Don’t teach 5 different subjects?  No problem.  Use the extra ones for additional interactive planning sheets!

Compatible with both Windows and Mac.


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