Journal Jumpstarts Volume 1

Journal Jumpstarts Volume 1
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This PowerPoint presentation is a collection of 20 animated writing prompts for language arts students, grades 5-9.  These high-interest prompts will provide spontaneous practice for kids to sharpen their writing skills as they describe, explain, persuade, and narrate.

These prompts encourage students to...

  • explore their own thinking, preferences, and attitudes.
  • make suppositions about how they would react in hypothetical situations.
  • think about and analyze events in the past and the present.
  • make predictions about events in the future.

 Each slide is titled and contains...

  • a writing prompt.
  • a looping, presentation-wide animation along the left side of the slide.
  • a unique, featured, looping animation, selected to "illustrate" the prompt itself.
  • a link back to the Table of Contents.

Bonus:  Any or all of the 21 high-quality animations included in this package may be used in your own PowerPoint presentations.  Just choose the ones you want to use and place them anywhere you wish!

Journal Jumpstarts, Volume 1, comes with a clickable Table of Contents to assist in accessing/tracking the prompts.  As a result, prompts may be displayed in any order required.

This presentation is compatible with all versions of PowerPoint.  A free file unzip utility is also included for your convenience.  

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