Level Up on Reading, Volume 1

Level Up on Reading, Volume 1
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Picture it, study it, master it.  This simple, but surprisingly effective teaching strategy, allows students in grades 6-8 to do just what this resource’s title suggests-- level up on their reading comprehension!

Level Up on Reading, Volume 1 contains 10, 5-page reading comprehension packets drawn from engaging works of fiction, nonfiction, and autobiography.  What makes this reading resource unique is its cohesive, step-by-step approach to autonomous learning mastery. 

 For maximum effectiveness, the pages of each of the 10 reading packets are administered in the following sequence: 

1.  The Visualization Activity encourages students to become familiar with the text and to see in their minds’ eye the relationship of the topics, subtopics, details, and/or events.

2.  The Instructional Exercise contains a built-in reference that aids students in learning the terms and concepts related to each passage and its associated questions.

3.  The Comprehension Test is purely for summative evaluation.  If students have completed the prior two pages, they should have little difficulty in achieving an acceptable score.

4.  Two Enrichment Activities serve the purpose of reinforcing the terms and concepts learned.

5.  The final page of each packet is the Teacher Information page, which includes the reading level for each passage, the corresponding Common Core Standards, and the complete answer keys.

By the end of all of the included activities, students will be much better able to…

  • distinguish examples of fiction, nonfiction, persuasion, and autobiography.
  • identify the author’s narrator and point of view.
  • identify the elements of plot in a work of fiction.
  • sequence events or information presented in a text.
  • explain the author’s technique for building suspense.
  • identify and explain the significance of a literary symbol.
  • make predictions based on the evidence presented.
  • compare and contrast two or more works of literature.
  • distinguish cause and effect in both fiction and nonfiction.
  • recognize the author’s purpose and/or thesis.
  • recognize significant details that support the author’s purpose.
  • make inferences based on evidence presented.
  • explain an author’s call to action in a work of persuasion.

Level Up on Reading, Volume 1 contains 53 pages in PDF format; as a result, this collection is entirely compatible with both Windows and Mac. 

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