Tablet Tutor: Parts of Speech Bundle

Tablet Tutor:  Parts of Speech Bundle
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Tablet Tutor Runs on All Internet-Connected Devices (except smartphones)

Save 50% on all 7 mini lessons and get the bonus pack completely free of charge!

Tablet Tutor: Parts of Speech Bundle is streaming, interactive courseware designed specifically for the purpose of providing meaningful language arts content that will run on virtually any internet-connected device except for smartphones.

The mini lessons included in this bundle are

  • Identify Nouns 
  • Identify Pronouns   
  • Identify Adjectives
  • Identify Verbs  
  • Identify Adverbs  
  • Identify Prepositions
  • Identify Conjunctions & Interjections

Complete and fully functioning demos of each of the above mini lessons are available on DailyTeaching along with screenshots and additional details.

The free bonus pack of 9 enrichment activities includes

  • Connecting Parts of Speech
  • Parts of Speech Balloon Drop
  • Parts of Speech Jeopardy
  • Parts of Speech Bazillionaire
  • 4 Additional Parts of Speech Games
  • Parts of Speech Word Search
  • Word Search Answer Key
  • Parts of Speech Crossword Puzzle
  • Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

Multiple online practice and evaluation activities are built into each mini lesson.  In addition, all interactive review activities and quizzes yield recordable scores, and those scores may also be printed.  Throughout the instructional process, students are given opportunities to compare their answers with the correct choices.

Each mini lesson in the Parts of Speech Bundle includes Your Local Library, a glossary of terms and definitions that students may access for reference at any time.

Tablet Tutor’s Parts of Speech Bundle will run on PC’s, Macs, Laptops, MacBooks, Chromebooks, iPads, and Android Tablets.  It is not, however, compatible with smartphones.

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